Real Estate activities

Over the years, in addition to managing passenger traffic, Stazioni Marittime S.p.A.
has completely financed the planning and construction of two of the five terminals in the area:
Calata Chiappella and Ponte Caracciolo. On the vast land area that the company has in concession, there are numerous buildings providing space not only for passenger terminals, with comfortable waiting-rooms and facilities, but also for various other business activities, like offices and service activities dedicated to passengers passing through Genoa Harbour.

Given its extensive size and variety, it is also important to focus on Stazioni Marittime S.p.A.’s
real estate activity which reinforces the eclectic and dynamic nature of the company.

From Ponte dei Mille to Ponte Caracciolo, with the exclusion of the Calata Chiappella Ferry Terminal, you will find the office branch of a bank, a post office, a customs agency, a police station, an insurance company, six buffet bars, three restaurants, two duty free shops, two boating associations, a car repair workshop, two tobacco shops, a healthcare centre, two covered car parks for cruise ship and ferry traffic and eighteen other activities serving the Passenger Port, such as ship suppliers, shipping offices, administrative-logistic offices and operations centres for ship-related services (berthing, baggage handling, receipt of goods, supply of drinking water, etc.).

Inside the Calata Chiappella Ferry Terminal there is a shopping mall with 24 retail outlets, a supermarket, two buffet bars, a “food court” offering a number of different types of catering outlets, forty ticket counters for ferry boats, offices and guestroom accommodation for Border Police, a bank branch, two ATM cash points, various shipping company offices including logistic-administrative, goods shipment and telecommunications offices,
as well as three operational centres for on board provisioning and maintenance.

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