In compliance with Regulation (EU) No. 1177/2010 of 24 November 2010, Stazioni Marittime Spa provides a service of accessibility and assistance to disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility, making available appropriately trained staff.
The Regulation defines "persons with disabilities" and/or "persons with reduced mobility" as any person whose mobility is reduced due to:
- Physical disability (sensory or locomotor, permanent or temporary)
- Mental disability or handicap
- Reasons of age or any other cause of reduced mobility/disability.

Stazioni Marittime has always paid particular attention to the needs of these passengers and has equipped itself in such a way as to allow passengers with reduced mobility who use ships in transit at its terminals to use port services on an equal footing with other citizens.
How to request special assistance
Special assistance can be requested by all persons with a disability or reduced mobility (e.g. physical disability, mental handicap or age).
In order to guarantee an adequate and timely service, the request for assistance with an indication of the passenger's special needs must be notified directly to Stazioni Marittime (email: or to the shipping company or shipping agency (which will forward the request to Stazioni Marittime), at least 48 hours before the scheduled embarkation or disembarkation time.
The Maritime Stations personnel will send the confirmation via email giving specific instructions on the place and time designated for the meeting, to which the passenger who needs special assistance must comply. Longer waiting times may be necessary if the service was requested with less notice or if it is requested directly in the Terminals at the time of boarding or disembarking.
The Stazioni Marittime personnel will however make all reasonable efforts to ensure that assistance is provided in such a way that the disabled person or person with reduced mobility can embark or disembark easily from ships in transit.
Boarding assistance
Cruise passengers requiring special assistance can go to the Help Desk set up at the check-in desks. Staff will provide the necessary assistance and guarantee priority boarding for persons with reduced mobility and their companions.
Ferry passengers who have requested specific assistance will meet the Maritime Stations staff in the manner indicated in the confirmation email.
Passengers without a ticket can arrive at the ticket office where they will be directed to the "Meeting Point" with Stazioni Marittime staff who will guarantee them priority boarding, with assistance tailored to their needs.
The "Meeting Point" of the Maritime stations is located at the gate of the central walkway of the Ferry Terminal, indicated by special signs.
In case of need, passengers with reduced mobility can be accompanied by taxi or car, following prior authorisation from the Maritime Stations.
Disembarkation assistance
The shipping company or the passenger may request specific disembarkation assistance from Maritime Stations, in the same manner as described above, whether the passenger is a cruise ship passenger or a ferry passenger. Depending on the requirements, assistance can be provided and the access of taxis or private vehicles on the quay can be authorised to accommodate passengers with disabilities as soon as they leave the ship.
Dedicated services
It will be the responsibility of the Stazioni Marittime staff to inform passengers with reduced mobility of the location of the services dedicated to them, both during embarkation and disembarkation.
The following services are available at the Maritime Stations facilities:
Reserved parking places
They are available in the immediate vicinity of the boarding docks and/or terminals where you can check in.
They are available on request
Wheelchair access is possible
Lifts and access ramps:
These are present for boarding and disembarking and for moving around the terminals
Equipped toilets
There are toilets dedicated to passengers with reduced mobility
First Aid
In the Maritime Stations during the high season there is a Sanitary First Aid service, while by calling the 118 service the ambulances can arrive from the central located near the Ferry Terminal.