The Port of Genoa fills a strategic geographical position in the Mediterranean basin, representing a natural

gateway of connection between Europe and the rest of the world and an essential crossroad for traffic.

Stazioni Marittime S.p.A. was born in 1987 with the aim of dealing with the planning, building and management

of the passenger port of Genoa and its traffic.

The area, received in concession from the state through the Genoa Port Authority, covers a surface

of 290,000 square metres and includes 12 berths distributed on Ponte Caracciolo, Ponte Assereto,

Ponte Colombo, Ponte Andrea Doria and Ponte dei Mille.

The berths, depending on their technical features, may be used by both ferries and cruise ships.

There are five terminals dedicated to passenger traffic, three of which (Calata Chiappella, Ponte Caracciolo,

 Ponte Colombo) mainly equipped for ferry traffic and two (Ponte Andrea Doria and Ponte dei Mille)

mainly destined to cruise ship traffic.

For years Stazioni Marittime S.p.A. has been carrying out ongoing research into the most up-to-date

solutions for the creation of functional and advanced infrastructures, equipped with services suitable for the

evolution of the market and tourist demand. Thanks to their modern design, high standard of quality and their

versatility of use, all the terminals managed by Stazioni Marittime S.p.A., may be destined, according to their

features and the operative needs, both to cruise ships and to ferries.

From the early nineties to today, with the contribution of the Genoa Port Authority, Stazioni Marittime S.p.A.

has made significant investments, redesigning the profiles of the quays and the internal road layout,

enlarging the embarkation areas, equipping the passenger area with modern and comfortable terminals,

computerising the check-in procedures for embarkation on ferries and coming into line with the

new security regulations.

The passenger area is situated 500 metres from the Railway Station and is connected directly to the

motorway, by which one can reach Genoa International Airport, which is just 5 km away.

The city centre is just a few hundred metres away and can be reached both on foot and by bus or underground.

Today Genoa is an important reality in the cruise market, home port for holiday itineraries in the Middle East,

North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, North Europe and the Americas.

The strategic position of the Port of Genoa encourages daily links by ferry with Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica,

North Africa and Spain.


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