General information:
Local population: 700,000
Language: italian
Other languages: English/French/Spanish
Currency: Euros

National and local holidays:
New year: 1st January
Epiphany: 6th January
Easter: variable
Easter Monday: variable
Liberation Day: 25th April
Workers Day: 1st May
Republic Day: 2nd June
Saint John the Baptist (Patron): 24th June
Mid Summers Day: 15th August
All Saints: 1st November
Immaculate Conception: 8th December
Christmas: 25th December
Saint Stephen: 26th December

Useful numbers:
Genoa Airport: ph. 010.60151
Malpensa Airport Milan: ph. 02.74852200
Radio taxi: ph. 010.5966
Ferrovie dello Stato (Railways):
ph. 892021 (from Italy)
Touristic Information, ph. 010.2462633 / 010.6015247
Banking hrs: 08.30÷13.30 / 14.30÷15.30 Mon./Fri.

Emergency numbers:
Carabinieri, ph. 112
Police, ph. 113
First Aid, ph. 118
Fire Brigade, ph 115