The Ponte Caracciolo Passenger Terminal and berth are located in the western part
of the passenger area bordering on the commercial traffic area.
The Terminal was designed and built to deal mainly with the changing operating and security needs
of the non-Schengen ferry traffic.
On the other hand, like all the other terminals managed by Stazioni Marittime S.p.A.,
given its modern layout and the high level of comfort and quality,
this Terminal can also meet the different needs of the cruise ship traffic.
The passenger lounge extends over two floors with a total surface area of about 2,300 square metres.
It includes police and customs posts, ticketing offices, waiting-room areas
with a bar-restaurant annex with no barriers to access since the various levels are connected
by escalators and lifts.
The design and construction of the Terminal was commissione
and financed entirely by Stazioni Marittime S.p.A.